Faith of a mustard seed

A friend asked me how did I muster the courage to leave my job. My banking career of more than 10 years. It got me thinking the entire day, what exactly was the rationale behind my decision. 

I suppose motherhood brings a whole new perspective to how I view everything, from how I spend my time to how I want to live life from hereon. So, today, I shall write about what should be the considerations to be considered before anyone (a parent, in this case) make that big move, that giant leap of faith. 

1. Are you MADLY (it has to be madly, or any other synonyms you fancy) in love with your child, wanting to spend all the time that you can afford on this child, making sure you provide the best upbringing for her? If yes, move on to #2. Otherwise, please stop here and go back to your work. Oh, don’t get me wrong here, everyone is entitled to what they think is best for their child and themselves. 

2. Can you afford to be a stay-at-home parent, while your other significant half be the sole breadwinner? If yes, congratulations! You’re one damn lucky woman (or man) and I envy you greatly. So what’re you waiting for? Just quit your job already and be a socialite mom. Or dad. Who’s to judge? 

Otherwise, please go back to work. You need to start building your own networth, a minimum of 12-months equivalent of your current pay to sustain you while you figure out what to do to survive after you deplete your 6-months worth of savings (for me, it’ll be 3-months worth). Which brings us to #3. 

3. So what happens on Month 7? Will you be working from home? Or will you have a business of your own? Or will you still be employed, but on flexible hours? Depending on what you can do and know, you can opt for whichever option that works best for you. But one thing’s for sure. Don’t expect to earn what you’ve been drawing from your previous job for the next 1 year, at the very least! Of course there’re exceptions to this, and I tip my hat to you if you’re the exception. Do drop me a private note to share your success story. Sharing is caring, they say! *wink*

Now, there’ll be parents who would shudder at the thought of not able to build that million dollar education fund for their little one(s). Well, I’d say this. No amount of top dollars will provide the level of education as compared to the invaluable time spent by the parent nurturing and educating the child from infancy. This will be another separate topic we shall write about in the next post. 

So there you have it. Three simple considerations before you decide to ditch your cortisol-laden corporate high life, and swap it for the endorphin-filled humble life of a full time mum. My three cents worth. 


The 7 goodbyes 

Was chatting with a friend yesterday, she read my moo-moo post and wanted to know, to quote her verbatim, what did I do to move from inadequate milk supply to now happy jolly? 

Well. Sacrifices need to be made. You need to write a farewell letter to yourself:

1. Say goodbye to skimmed milk. You need normal fresh milk now. In fact, full cream milk with loads of milo (or any other malt-based beverage) is best if you want to see folds and folds of chubbiness on your munchkins. Which brings us to point #2. 

2. Say goodbye to your pre-maternity clothes. And this is applicable to 99% of us normal people. Those folks with crazy metabolic rates, who eats like a horse, and yet never put on an inch/ pound, please move on to point #3 and save us all the debate. Us normal folks? You ain’t gonna be able to fit in those clothes for as long as you’re still breastfeeding. Not that it’s a bad thing. It’s just that our body needs to store those extra fats so that we can provide the necessary nutrients to our little voracious feeding machines. 

3. Say goodbye to your hard earn cash cause you need to now consume better and healthier food, plus supplements such as fenugreek and multivitamins. And these doesn’t come cheap. If you want convenience, by all means buy those fenugreek capsules from the pharmacy. Otherwise, fresh ones such as the ones in the picture below works just as well. 


Oh, I almost forgot. You might even need to pay for a lactation nurse to help you with initial low supply issue (if you’re an oversupply mum, good for you!), proper latching method, engorgement, etc. I paid good bucks for one, and she’s worth every penny! She’s my God-sent angel who made it possible for me to breastfeed until this very day. 


4. Say goodbye to Victoria Secret. Or whichever fancy brands you used to wear. Nursing bras are your buddies now. 

5. Say goodbye to “hanging ’em loose” when you’re at the comfort of your home. In fact, it’s the last thing you want to do right this moment, unless of course you are out to prove Newton’s Law of Gravity doesn’t exist. But, sorry to say this. It does. So buckle your twinnies up! 

6. Say goodbye to water cooler breaks. Girl, you ain’t got time for office chit chats anymore! You’ll have to take 15-20 minutes breaks every 3 hours to pump. With all the pumping action and work piling on your desk, you will need all the extra time you can find to do what you need to do. And that does not include empty chit chat sessions. 

7. And lastly. Say goodbye to your beauty sleep. Like the unicorn, it doesn’t exist. You’ll be so zombified from breastfeeding your ill’ one every few hours, so much so that you’ll be shoving your boobs to the wrong entry point!



So there you have it. Looks pretty convincing to not breastfeed right? My husband said it’s as though saying goodbye to life itself! But, on the contrary! I’m totally loving this new life of mine. I’m glad I decided to make those sacrifices for M. Seeing her happy, healthy and strong makes me a very proud mama cow. Knowing that I’m able to provide for her in such an intimate way makes me feel that I’m finally needed by someone. Feeling the special bond when she feeds makes me feel so loved. It’s just a warm and fuzzy feeling inside! 

Till our next post, TGIF folks. Xoxo

We are gonna have a baby! 

As I lie here, breastfeeding M to sleep, I think about our upcoming new business, currently still in it’s gestational stage. In human pregnancy terms, at its first trimester. There’re a lot of areas to cover, stuff to delegate between F and I to bring this new baby of ours safely, but surely, into this world. Heck, we want this baby of ours to come into this world kicking and screaming, announcing its own arrival to the whole wide world with a big, grand entrance. You get what I mean, the analogy. 

So, like how any future parents would feel, there’s a whole load of emotions to process at the same time. On one hand, we are super excited on what lies ahead, like any proud parents would. We plan for its future, for all things to be perfect. In every single aspect. We draw out our roles and responsibilities in bringing up this child to be a perfect success, at the same time being there for each other whenever and wherever. We start to do up the nursery, planning the wall deco, matching furniture and fittings. 

On the other hand, as parents, we worry! We worry about how this child will grow up, whether will it be able to be a great success and reach the far corners of the earth. Yes, we as parents have big dreams for this child. 

So we read. We read about how to be successful entrepreneurs and how to ensure the business soar to great heights (enough with the parenting analogy, no?). And we prepare and research like crazy. Heck, we quit our corporate careers for this! So yes, please do show us some moral support, and follow us in our little journey into the great yonder. Happy Mid-Week y’all! 



Needle and thread

I never know how to sew on a button to save my own life. I know, it’s utterly shameful. When it came to home science, where I had to sew something for homewok, be it an apron or a pencil case, mum is there to the rescue. She self taught herself to sew pretty dresses for her little girl and her teddy bear. And of course, to save her little girl’s homework. 

As I now grow accustomed to being a mum to a little girl of my own, I too have started to take interest in sewing. Not that I have bought myself a sewing machine, please, one baby step at a time! But, one thing is for certain. I’ve been spending so much time on Pinterest scrolling and pinning baby clothing ideas (when I’m breastfeeding babykins), it’s my new virtual BFF. 

Oh! And quiet books too! I love these books so much, it makes me wanna take up a needle and thread to just begin on one. So yea. Will I start my little project anytime soon? You betcha! Will keep you guys posted of my humble little progress soon. Till then, xoxo


A glimpse of what’s to come

I love making food for my little girl. I started her with puréed sweet potato when she was just 4.5 months. Why start her so early, you ask? Well, she was already able to sit and hold her head up unassisted. And she was always curious with what we are eating, gazing and opening her mouth wide when she sees us eating. So I figured she’s ready to taste her very first food apart from breastmilk. 

She’s now eaten (and love) japanese sweet potatoes, butternut squash, sweet peas, avocado, pear, and resisting carrots and broccoli rather reluctantly. And she totally hates applesauce to the point of gagging at the very taste of it! I’ve tried mixing applesauce with the stuff she likes, but there’s no fooling her. So now I’ve got 3 apples worth of applesauce sitting in my freezer, waiting for their time to be useful one day. Sigh. Well, at least these can be stored for the next 3 months, so fingers crossed that she will take them then. 

Anyway. Back to my love of making food for my baby. I love the fact that I know what goes into the concoction I make for her. And it’s way cheaper than buying those ready made ones from the supermarket. And it’s fun! And messy too. Lol. 

So, just a hint to all you readers out there. This wonderful experience of feeding my baby girl homemade puree gave me an idea of 2 baby products to launch in our upcoming launch in June. Can you make a guess what those products are? I can’t wait to see them myself! 

Sugar and spice, and all things nice

So we are waiting in bated breath for the outcome of our company logo design as well as the artwork of some of our resident animals. What resident animals, you asked? You’ll see. Soon. 

And we’ve also started work on designing our summer pieces. So excited! 

So what lies ahead of us? Sugar and spice. And all things nice. Stay tuned! 

Old Macdonald had a farm

Old Macdonald had a farm
And on his farm he had a cow
With a moo moo here
And a moo moo there
Here a moo, there a moo
Everywhere a moo moo
Old MacDonald had a farm

I sing that song to my girl all the time. She loves the moo moo part of the song. Sometimes, she will even moo along! And at most times, I feel like a cow. Oh, don’t get me wrong here. Not in a bad way, that I feel like a cow. In a good and wholesome way. 

I’m a full time breastfeeding mum, you see. My good friend, F, also a breastfeeding mum, was the one who encouraged me unto this journey. It wasn’t easy at first, with the anxiety of not having enough supply for my precious, and the incessant nagging from my mother in law that I’m not producing enough milk, and that I should feed her formula milk. But thanks to a very experienced and supportive lactation consultant (I had to pay 150 bucks per visit!), I am now able to feed my baby nature’s best.

There’s a special bond between us whenever she feeds from me. When she gives me that toothless grin during a satisfying feed is just so gratifying. It’s as though she’s saying Thank You Mummy! I cannot fathom the day when I have to wean her off, hopefully not in the next six months though! 

Anyway. I woke up 5.30am this morning with an engorged breast. The woe. Baby refused to direct latch as it was engorged. So I had to get up and pump. The sacrifices a mother cow goes through to provide for her baby. And Old Macdonald came to mind while I pump. 

So to all breastfeeding mums out there, keep up the good work! This milk truck is off to work now! Gonna be making sweet potato puree for Meredith. And that, my friends, will be another post from me on another day. All about baby puree. Stay tuned! 

Ps. Here’s us saying good morning (or good night, to those on the other side of the planet) to all you lovely folks out there. xoxo


How it came to be

We were both stressed out at our workplace. I for one, was also losing my patience over the crazy traffic that I have to endure back and forth my in laws place every single workday to send and pick up my baby. At least two hours wasted per day for nothing! Sometimes three! And I missed my little darling like crazy.. Boohoo! 

I couldn’t bear the thought of having her grow up without the luxury of her mum being there for her 24/7. I had that priviledge growing up, we weren’t well to do, we live within our meager means, and yet, those were happy days. 

So back to the both of us working mums. So after much consideration, we decided to quit our corporate jobs and look into setting up our own business. This would hopefully give us the flexible hours (no more stuck in meaningless traffic during peak hours) in working and being there for our children. 

We have no clue what lies ahead of us. Heck, we don’t even have a profile picture! Okok, it’s in the designing stage, will post it as soon as it’s out fresh from the oven, we promise! 

But one thing we do know, both of us are mothers who are so passionate about our babies that we quit our corporate careers. In pursuit of our dream of being there for them. As well as to be able to continue to build that million dollar education fund for our children. 

So, yes. It all began with our dream. Mothers dream. HAHA NO YUME. 


A brand new beginning!

After having been in the corporate world for more than 10 years, I finally took the giant leap of faith and leave my banking career (I’m a VP with a global bank) to start something on my own. And guess what? My good friend has also decided to join me in my little bandwagon too! All for the great love of our children – my 6.5 months old baby girl, Meredith Ann, and her close to 2 years old boy, Daniel Shafeeque. And it’s gonna be a beautiful and exciting journey for both us, I’m sure of it! 

Do follow us for stories and updates as well as other commentaries which we hope will come in handy for all of you great mummies out there! xoxo