Counting down!

So here we are, at the cornerstone of our impending product launch. We wait with bated breath, anxious of how it will turn out. The finished product, packaging, photographs, website, payment portal, delivery channel, storage, product description, charities, sales. Every single nitty gritty detail has to be covered to our best human ability! We worry. We breakdown. We go over and over every single detail in our head even while we are sleeping. Our livelihood depends on this. We have to now learn how to tie the perfect bow. How to fold delicate tissue paper without creasing it. How to take perfect photographs! S was such a patient photographer, and we have her to thank for all the beautiful pictures of our baby models as well as still shots of our kimono rompers. 

Was just chatting with F this morning about the sheer quantity of goods that we will be receiving from our suppliers this coming week. It suddenly dawned on me that we had commited all we have to this business venture of ours. And it frightened me. Will we succeed? Was just sharing with F how our babies’ future depends on the success of this business as we do not have other means of income now. Make it or break it. Or rather, just make it. No other way. 

It was such an opportune timing that I came across this post on Facebook today by Zig Ziglar– “It’s the size of your hope that’s going to determine how far you’ll go in your life”. 

Yup. It’s hope alright. We have high hopes that this venture of ours will fly. Hope that the decision we made to quit our corporate careers to do this was the right one. Hope that our babies will have all the opportunities in this world to achieve greater heights, something that their mums never had. 

As F always say, “We are in this together, no matter what. We will watch each other’s back. Always”. And I love her for that. She’s always so cool-headed, she’s like my anchor in this little voyage that we are setting sail together. And I’m glad that S decided to come on board too. She’s totally amazing with people and guess what? She just delivered our very first gift wrapped parcel to our first VVIP customer today! And many more to go! And all before our actual launch! And all this is only made possible with the help of our manufacturer, this young lady is the most dedicated businesswoman I know. She works till close to midnight at her factory just to make sure everything is on schedule (despite our fabric from Japan reached the factory a week late. So sorry SY!!). I’m just so very thankful for these ladies, they’re the perfect pieces to the jigsaw puzzle, they truly are. God sent. 

Exciting times ahead indeed. Keeping fingers crossed! 


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