Rainbows and Sunshine

It’s been a month since I left my banking career for good, to start this business of ours. And it has been close to 2 weeks since we officially launched it. I’ve gotten used to sending out formal emails with the subject – Hello from hahanoyume, the baby kimono company. Sounds kinda cool and catchy, I think 🙂

So. How has it been so far, as a tight-budget-entrepreneur, as well as a mum spending almost every waking (and sleeping!) hours with her child?

Well, the mumsy part, not gonna lie to you, there’re good and bad days, mostly good. But there’re definitely some bad days where I wish that I could afford a full time helper at home (uh-oh! I’ve got to watch out for AK47 interrogation from the grandparents after this post! Sigh…). Days when the 10-month old decides that she is all grown up and doesn’t need sleep until it’s very late at night. Days when she decides that she wants to go on hunger strikes and refuse to open her mouth for food, or worse, spits out food that used to be her favorite. Days when I clean up after her more than I clean myself. There was a short period of time when she turned into Ms Hyde at night, and wakes to cry for no apparent reason – I sang, I rocked, I cried, I almost gave up. But, hey, overall, all is good. I enjoy time spent with her – reading, playing, bathing. Yea, I get to bathe with her now. So much fun, I tell ya! She has started to call papa (mama was when she hit 8 months). Her father is over the moon! And she finally cut her first tooth. My nips are so thankful that her pearly whites decide to make a late appearance. At least I don’t have to suffer the bites. Lol.
And I have to thank my dear husband for being there to help out, in whatever little way he can. Otherwise, I would have ended up like a vagabond – unkempt and disorganized. I like the fact that our daughter gets to spend more quality time with both parents, hopefully she will grow up to be a wise, intelligent and discerning young lady. Oh, and be a music protege please! Take us to America with you!

As for the business, sales has been encouraging. Not gonna sugarcoat things here. There are days when I feel we are doomed (yea, silly me right?). But, we are actually not! We are so blessed to be able to connect to a few awesome mummy bloggers as well as certain channels for a feature write-up – one in August and another in September. One of the interview is next Thursday! So excited, and yet so deeply humbled by the support that we get and opportunities that we have. Oh! And we have finalized the designs for our toddler range (1-3 years old) – kimono tops for boys and kimono dresses for girls (they’re so pweetyyyyyy!). And we hope to reveal them by end August, so do stay tuned!

It’s been rather hot and humid lately. But there are days when it rains, and you get to see the rainbow. Life’s like that, isn’t it. There will be days where you feel low and hopeless, filled with self doubt. But there will always be rainbows and sunshine after that shower of rain. Here’s to great times ahead, have a blessed weekend everyone! xoxo


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