Babies are the most wonderful gifts ever

My baby turned one today. Oh, how time flies! It didn’t feel like it has been 12 months already, but she has since grown so much. Apart from the obvious size growth, it’s amazing how much this little human being can achieve in her milestones, sometimes a matter of just overnight! I’ve learnt that when she’s particularly fussy and clingy, and having frequent waking intervals at night, her little brain and body is preparing her (and us!) for a new skill and ability. And then, the fussy phase will pass, leaving us room to enjoy her new found ability, be it standing or dancing, or even calling mama (well, in her case, it’s meh). Before you know it, the cycle repeats itself again, with another bout of sleepless nights (for the mum, of course).

Babies are just the cutest lil’ things. They really are. And you can never turn back time to when they were tiny again. It felt like it was just yesterday when we took this picture of her in our kimono romper, Maru (it was taken back when she was 10 months old):

Lil' Maru Ann
Lil’ Maru Ann. Pic by Lee Tze Leong

Which is why, at times when she’s a handful to handle, I tell myself, this will not last. Before I know it, she will be old enough to drive!

Don't drink (milk) and drive, lil' missy!
Don’t drink (milk) and drive, lil’ missy!

I guess it’s because of this very fact (that they’re grow up so fast!), most mums will make every effort to capture moments of their baby(ies) growing up, be it still shots or videos, whenever they possibly can. Heck, my iPhone memory ran out of space long time ago, till I had to save the photos into Dropbox and Google Drive, which also has since ran out of space too! So now, it’s a 1.3TB external hard drive. Gosh.

Was at my nephew’s 100 days old party last weekend. This lil tike weighs a hefty 7kg at 3 months! Just look at ’em cheeks! OMG. And when I hold him in my arms, I reminisce back to the time when M was just as tiny as him (although not nearly as heavy as him!)

Check out 'em cheeks!
Check out ’em cheeks! Pic by KeanPoh Photography

Babies. They are just the best thing to hold on to and cuddle (if they let you). And recently, we had 2 newborn babies photoshoot (credits to bluecicada photography) wearing our hahanoyume baby kimono rompers. I decided that a video montage complete with a Japanese haiku, A Star Festival Song, is befitting the beautiful photographs. Enjoy the video! And do leave us a review, a like or even share the video with your family and friends!

Bamboo Leaves are Rustling

笹の葉 さらさら
お星様 キラキラ


Bamboo leaves are rustling, rustling,
Swaying close to the roof’s edge,
Oh, how the stars are twinkling, twinkling,
Gold and silver grains of sand.

Five wishes
I have written
The stars are twinkling
And watching from the sky.

To my dearest chunky munkey. I would give you all the stars in the sky if I could. But you gave me the universe. You’re the best present any mum can ask for. Happy birthday, my precious.


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