A Greater Cause

Some of you might have already known hahanoyume 母の夢, is Japanese for Mother’s Dream. It was my dream to be the primary caregiver to my baby girl. My dream to grow the business above and beyond. My dream to be able to contribute to a greater cause.

I have always had a calling towards children who is in need – be it in education, basic livelihood, and health. No child deserves to suffer through any life threatening disease, or be refused their basic right to education and clean food and water. Which is why a portion of our sales goes to World Vision who provides mainly for children and families living under poverty. 

But I would like to do more. I would like to reach out to the urban poor and the sick. The child whose parents couldn’t afford to get them books or basic school supplies for they don’t have enough to go by each day. I believe that education itself is able to lift a generation out of poverty. Or even the sick child who’s living long days in the hospital. Happy books will definitely cheer them up, don’t you agree?

So I would like to do just that – BLESS a different child EACH MONTH with US$50 worth of books and basic aid. And I’ll need YOUR help to point me to the right deserving child.

I know US$50 is not a lot of money, but it is what I can afford to give at this juncture. And I’m confident this amount will only grow in time to come.

So PLEASE. Please NOMINATE a child whom you think deserves this help by emailing me your story about this child. And do help me share the cause to your friends by sharing this post on your social media. I hope to be able to bless as many children possible every single month. All around the world.

Remember. Please email me your story to hahanoyume@gmail.com

Thank you all so much for your help ❤️


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