I took the big leap to leave my career behind so I can spend every precious moment with my baby, Ann. Haha no yume 母の夢, Japanese for Mother’s Dream, is the epitome for what I as a mother wish for my child and all other children out there.
Our 100% soft cotton fabric is lovingly handpicked from Osaka, Japan, and purchased in limited quantity to maintain the exclusivity of our garments. Our concept is inspired by wabi-sabi わびさび – pure minimalism and rustic simplicity with understated elegance. Each of our garments are artisan designed and made with passion. We give lots of attention to every single detail of our beautifully designed garments to ensure our young little clients are kept happy and comfy at all times!

As a new start up, we value all the support we can get from all our loyal customers, families and friends. Do stay in touch, and share with us pictures of your little precious ones in our much loved outfits as well as the stories behind those pictures perhaps? We are after all connected to each other, in one way or another!

Ps. Shop at http://www.hahanoyume.com and do like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter, both of the same name as well. We would really love your kind support!



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